10 Insider Secrets to Extending the Life of Your Lingerie!


Always hand wash your lingerie!  Isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?  Sure, we’ll get right on that, after we work 40 hours, feed the kids, buy the groceries, clean the house… We live in the real world, where we know what we should do, but we don’t always have time.  And here at The Strap Saver, we’re concerned with saving more than just straps, we want to save your entire bra, your thongs, your thigh highs, you name it, the whole unmentionable family!  We set out to find some time-saving tips for extending the life of your lingerie and who better to ask than the professionals, the makers and sellers of these undies.  We went to CurveNYthe event for all that is new and beautiful in the undergarment industry to seek out these industry experts!

So, ladies (and gents, and anyone who likes to feel beautiful), here are some of the best secrets from the biggest in the business!



Wash it in the shower – take care of two things at once!
– Amanda Goldstein, lingerie model





I soak all of my favorite lingerie in the bathtub.
– Charlotte Davies, Senior Designer, Curvy Kate





NEVER EVER (x300) put it in the dryer, especially hosiery, which should always be hand washed.
– Ade Hassan, founder, Nubian Skin, nude lingerie and hosiery for women of color




Tie it in a pillowcase and always use non-bio washing powder.  Treat your lingerie with love and care!
– Claire Franks, consultant, Intimate Apparel Consultancy
(non-bio washing powder, to the non-Brits, means non-biological, which is designed for sensitive skin)



Never wear a bra two days in a row, give the elastic a chance to rest, and replace a bra every two years, depending on the amount of wear.
– Nikki, owner, La Femme Dangereuse, a lingerie shop in Woodbury, NY



I’m a big believer in lingerie bags.
– Maggie Han, founder and CEO, Seamless Thread, the home of Camel No, panties with a built-in modesty enhancement panel that conceals camel toe.





Never wash your bras. Hang them in the bathroom during a shower, let the steam clean them and air them out. 
– Baby Pardo, Executive Vice President, Rene Rofe Lingerie
(we weren’t really sure about this one, we wouldn’t recommend it, but it came from an expert, so here it is!)



Be willing to spend money on nicer fabrics and the more spandex the better!  
– Kaitlyn Young, Brand Manager, Komar Intimates





Never fold the cups into one another. Always store bras flat to preserve the shape of the cup.  
– Amanda Darkhabani, manager, Soma Intimates, Freehold, NJ





Always close the hook and eyes of a bra to protect both the fasteners and the fabric. Reshape after removing them from the wash, especially for molded cups.
– Erica, owner, A Sophisticated Pair, lingerie shop online and in Burlington, NC and home of one of The Lingerie Addict’s 7 blogs to read in 2015.


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What’s your secret for extending the life of your lingerie?

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