Calling All Bloggers, We Need You! (And Your Straps Need Us!)

Calling All Bloggers to Review The Strap Saver!  Contact us at

**Our open call is now closed! If you received a personal invitation, please reach out to us directly. If you didn’t receive a personal invitation, we’re very sorry, we’re a bit new at this and that’s why we put out this public call. :) Contact us anyone and maybe we’ll catch you next time?**

Have you ever had an expensive bra with stretched straps and wanted to fix it but you can’t sew?  Have you been inundated with questions from your readers about how to handle a gorgeous bathing suit top that didn’t come with adjusters?  Have you ever needed a last-minute alteration on a tank top or strappy dress and the tailor was closed?  Are you or your readers so petite that every clothing shoulder strap is just too long?  You’ve got strap problems, we’ve got the strap saving solution!

We’d like to give you a chance to review this amazing new invention – The Strap Saver.  We’re looking for the best and brightest bloggers with an audience that has straps in need of saving! Through June 21st, we’re looking for you to try the boob-alterting Strap Saver and possibly win an amazing prize. We’ll be giving away $250 for the best review, as well as a possible second prize depending on the number of entries. (We know your time is valuable – we work ourselves!)  We’ll also have a 60-day Rafflecopter giveaway of $50 + $25 of Strap Saver product for your readers. Please email us at with:

Strap Width and requested size and color (see How To Measure Your Strap)
Blog URL
Monthly Hits
Number of Twitter followers
Number of Facebook fans
A quick sentence on why you’d love to try our revolutionary new brahblem solver.

We hope you’ll love the product as much as we do – after all, we’re not just the inventors, we have drawers full of saved straps too!

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