Friends Don’t Makes Friends Wear Bows with Rhinestones

The Bedzazzled Bridesmaid

This weekend I went to a wedding in Maryland and it was quite lovely.  The bride was, of course, gorgeous.  I was also impressed by the beautiful pink bridesmaids dresses.  They were cute and likely something that could be worn again.  I don’t have photos because the couple wanted an unplugged wedding, no cameras or cell phones.   I thought it was a great idea, we were all more present during the party.  (especially at the open bar…)

It made me think back to my times as a bridesmaid.  As you can tell by the photo, I was never as lucky as the women at this wedding.  There’s an important part of the dress that you can’t see in the first photo – that rather large bow from the second photo is on that empire waist.  I know it was the late 90s, but a bedazzled bow under my boobs?  I’m pretty sure I held those flowers strategically for the picture. (and what on earth was I thinking by SAVING that bow after all of these years???  I dug it out of a drawer last night.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.  The dress is long gone, I assure you.)  The top of the dress was satin and the bottom chiffon (read: polyester).  And, of course, there were also dyed-to-match shoes.  (I’m convinced they are still in the Take Me PLEASE bin at a thrift shop!)

I’ve been a bridesmaid 5 times and I’ve only ever been able to wear one dress again.  It also had the ubiquitous bows, but they were far less obvious and I removed them as soon as I got home.  I don’t understand the draw that some women feel to dress their friends in highly flammable, unflattering, matching outfits.  They could all take a cue from this bride and choose pretty dresses and let people wear their own shoes.  We love you brides!  Help us keep it that way!

There was one bonus about this turquoise train-wreck – I could wear a regular bra.

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