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The Strap Saver Photo Shoot

We had our first photo shoot for the Strap Saver this weekend as we prepare for our next step.  It was very exciting – several of Beth’s friends came over and posed for us and my friend Ashley Card worked as an assistant and a second photographer.  We had lots of great props, including a poker table and more tulle than any person would ever need.  (and since I was in charge of craft services, cookies!)  It’s been a very hard two days for me, watching everyone else do the work and sampling the cookies.  I’m so touched by all of the effort put forth by everyone – especially Beth for orchestrating everything – you rock! – and hopefully our customers will like the updates to the site.

The plethora of colorful underwear and the sheer strength of the bodies in our models was impressive – 3 are professional dancers and another trains in MMA (trust me, you want her on your side in a street fight).  They brought over piles of gorgeous lingerie and modeled it for us in a variety of poses, with the only request that we keep their faces hidden.  (which is why I am not mentioning names!)  Thank you so much, ladies – and thank you Ashley – you’re the best! Their dedication is admirable and their generosity is overwhelming.

Which brings me to our next step of our hard work – we’re calling all bloggers with an audience that has straps in need of saving!  Until June 20th, we’re looking for you to try the boob-alterting Strap Saver and possibly win an amazing prize.  We’ll be giving away $250 for the best review, as well as a possible second prize depending on the number of entries.  We’ll also have a 60-day Rafflecopter giveaway of $50 + $25 of Strap Save product for your readers. Please email us at with:

Strap Width and requested color (see How To Measure Your Strap)
Blog URL
Monthly Hits
Twitter follower #
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A quick sentence on why you’d love to try our revolutionary new brahblem solver.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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