Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

As previously mentioned, we’ll be covering the national holidays of our customers and possibly learning something in the process… 

Despite South Park’s need to Blame Canada, we truly love our neighbors to the north.  We’d love to know their secret as to why they are all so nice, especially since it’s so cold up there most of the year!

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1 (except when July 1 falls on a Sunday, then it is celebrated on July 2!) to commemorate the signing of the British North America Act (now called the Constitution Act) on July 1, 1867.  This marks the joining of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada, which was then split into Ontario and Quebec.  It is often celebrated with parades, barbecues, fireworks and concerts.  Don’t forget to sing Oh Canada!, the Canadian National Anthem.

In case you still aren’t sold on the home of the Canadian Rockies, the Bay of Fundy, the West Edmonton Mall (home of the world’s largest indoor lake), Niagara Falls (the Canadian Side!) or Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canada has also given us Bryan Adams, Michael J. Fox, Peter Jennings, Shania Twain, Neil Young, Dan Ackroyd, Fay Wray,  50% of the current NHL* and the list goes on…

So hug your favorite Canadian today, after all, it’s Canada Day!


PS. We’d like to give an honorable mention to Robin Sparkles and her video, Let’s Go To The Mall, a beautiful tribute to the 80s (although the 80s didn’t come to Canada until 1993 if you believe the writers of How I Met Your Mother) and Canada.  Although the character was fictional, it was everything we would want in a Canadian pop star that tours the malls…  Gonna Rock Your Body Til Canada Day!


*according to QuantHockey.com

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