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The Strap Saver compared to the Racerback Clip

As we’re gaining more exposure, we’re getting more questions – and many more comments. A lot of people seem to think that they know who and what we are – before even looking at our site. We’d like to help clear things up and tell you what we are and we’re not – we are the best no-sew bra and bathing suit strap repair solution. Below is more of what we’re not…

A racerback bra clip: This is the most popular misconception.  The Strap Saver works within the profile of your strap to tighten your strap and add lift, where the racerback clip turns your bra into a…. racerback!   Which is awesome if you’re concerned about your straps showing when wearing a tank top or similarly cut top.  There are many different variations on this – from using a paperclip or safety-pin to as-seen-on-tv devices.  While the products both modify bra straps, they do it very differently for different purposes.

Modified bra strap parts:  One person suggested buying bra G hooks and using “tin snips” (that amused me, I admit, I think she was British!) to modify them and voila!  Well, not so much.  We tried that ourselves after we couldn’t find a ready-made solution.  It had two major problems.  First, the ends were rough and uncomfortable.  Then, it broke.  The piece wasn’t designed to hold the weight of the straps without a connection on both sides.  Our engineers accounted for weight and friction of the straps when developing The Strap Saver and choosing the materials.  It is specially designed to work without needing a full connection on either side.

A permanent solution that saves a single bra forever:  Bra straps are made of stretchy material (I think lyrca?) and they do eventually fail.  The Strap Saver will triple the strap, where the normal adjuster simply doubles it, adding months to the life of your lingerie.  And, when it’s time for that bra to be replaced, The Strap Saver can be moved to another bra.  Your bras won’t last forever, but with its stainless steel design, The Strap Saver will provide added perkiness over the life of many, many garments.

And then, the last comment we hear often about The Strap Saver:

If you need The Strap Saver, it’s time for a new bra. It’s hard to disagree with this one.  If parts of a bra are stretched, there’s always an argument for replacement.  Except, not all parts of a bra or bathing suit wear evenly.  And bras are expensive, so it can be hard to justify replacing one because a single part is stretched, both from a financial and environmental point of view!

I hope that this clears up some of the confusion of what we are  – The Strap Saver helps you shorten your bra, bathing suit and tank top straps without the use of a needle and thread – and what we’re not – a racerback bra clip, a modified bra part or a solution to resurrect bra from your junior high school days.  (although kudos if it still fits!)


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    I have been in need of your product for years!! So excited to I must order one now!

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