Patriotism and The Strap Saver

The Strap Saver celebrates patriotism and everyone's independence day!


We’re entering the swing of Red, White and Blue holidays: Memorial Day has passed, Canada Day (ok, that’s just red and white, but we love our neighbors to the north), Bastille Day, 4th of July, etc  are right around the corner…  and as these are firsts for The Strap Saver, I wonder about our message.  When it comes to patriotism, it’s tricky to figure out where a brand belongs and where it doesn’t.

Sometimes it’s easy to figure out where we don’t belong – have you ever really looked the three words “Memorial Day Sale”?  Yup.  Somehow we’ve joined the words together and are missing the main part of the day – memorial.  So, no, that’s not our place.  Of course we’re with the families who have lost loved ones, but it’s so personal.   It’s the same with brand messaging on September 11.  It’s not a place or a time to remind people that your brand exists. (see White Castle and their interesting responses)  We don’t want to confuse patriotism with pandering.

So clearly we’re “out” when it comes to anything like that.  We hope that our customers know us to be a kind, compassionate company.  We just don’t belong in those situations.

Canada Day, 4th of July and Bastille Day are better examples of positive fun (unless you were one of the people losing your head in the guillotine!).  As we’re pro-pajama AND pro ninja here, we’re DEFINITELY pro fun and pro celebration!  But how do we balance needing to wish you a Happy National Day if you are from Cape Verde  on July 5 and recognizing the signing of Acta de la Declaración de la Independencia Argentina on July 9?  (a LOT of countries fought for freedom in July.  I guess the heat makes people cranky.  Although it’s only in the 50s in July in Buenos Aires…  so maybe not?)

I love freedom and I love a good party.  National holidays can be a good time.  In the US, its friends, fireworks and food, some of my favorite things.  One year, we were driving down the Garden State Parkway on July 4th in a convertible at around 9pm.  We were treated to the fireworks displays of about 10 towns, it was awesome.  But how do we honor every country?  We ship anywhere in the world and I’d hate to insult the kind folks of Kiribati by missing their special day on July 12.

I think the official decision (for now) is the celebrate the main national holidays of our customers.   If we’ve shipped there in the past year, we’ll give your country a nod.  It will teach us something new about the homeland of our biggest fans.  We’re looking into adding the Google Translate widget to our site, so we’ll be accessible to everyone until we officially translate the site.  (although, until then, likely in poorly worded text!)  Maybe someday you’ll see us having a blast at Fiestas Patrias in Peru on July 28.

What do you think of brands and their response to national new events and holidays?



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